1- Promotional Video: This type of video is designed to build excitement and anticipation for your event. Showcase the event’s highlights, keynote speakers, and activities, and share information on its purpose and goals.
2- Behind-the-Scenes Footage: Capture the behind-the-scenes moments of your event, such as set-up, rehearsals, and backstage activities. This type of footage provides a unique perspective and gives your audience a glimpse into the effort that goes into planning a successful event.
3-Keynote Speeches: Highlight the main speeches and presentations from your event with a video compilation. This will provide a lasting record of the event’s key messages and allow attendees to revisit the content at a later date.
4- Testimonials: Encourage attendees to share their thoughts and experiences of the event through testimonial videos. This type of video provides valuable insights and helps to promote future events.
5- Recap Video: A recap video is a great way to wrap up your event and showcase its highlights. It can include footage of the keynote speeches, interviews with attendees, and a summary of the event’s main takeaways.
6- Highlight Video: A highlight video is a condensed version of your event, showcasing its key moments and memorable experiences. This type of video is perfect for sharing on social media and for use in future promotions.

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